About Us

Our Product Philosophy is Very Simple. YOUR BEAUTY IS GUARANTEED

Zamoux is a UK based cosmetics brand created out of love for beauty. Zamoux is a dynamic cosmetics company which was launched in the UK a couple of years ago. Initially focusing on lipsticks with a 48-colour catalogue and then Natural Hair Care Product for diverse hair types. Including Curly Hair Treatments. Zamoux sells stock online.

Zamoux Products are a new and exciting range, developed by our team of beauty experts, with great colours, smoothness, moisturizing and nourishing qualities and staying power. Our target is to meet the needs of diverse Skin-tone and Hair types. The multiple shades of our lipsticks and exhaustive range of Zamoux Hair Care products is designed to meet the desire of any woman.

Zamoux was created by an extensive procedure by specialists deployed in making sure a range and class of product that far exceeds the generic range in the market is created. Hence you are sure not to run in for a touch up every hour as our lipsticks are long lasting and and you also do not have to wait forever to see the effect of the hair products as you will experience an instant change.

Targeting expansion into the European and American market, our business ambitions know no limit. Although we’re mainly focused on lipsticks and Hair care at the moment we also will expand to other avenues of skincare and perfumes. At the heart of our brand is the wellbeing of our customers hence our desire in ensuring that our product is excellent for the lips. All our Haircare Products are Vegan and natural.

About the Founder of Zamoux Cosmetics

Wife, Mother of two, Lawyer and the CEO of Zamoux is an African/British Woman whose ultimate goal is to inspire women to achieve their maximum potential by breaking any cultural limitations that pose as a barrier to their voice being heard or felt.
This humble superwoman has this to say... " My inspiration comes from a deep relationship with God. I love all things beautiful. I am passionate about making women look and feel beautiful. I believe that women feel a sense of power when they feel beautiful; when a woman feels beautiful, she 'sees' fewer limitations.
I know that beauty is deeper than external appearance. It is being comfortable in your own skin, loving the way you look; finding what makes you glow or what fits you best or what enhances the natural you. That's why at Zamoux, there's a product for everyone, everytime and for every place.
I would love a world where beauty is not defined by a set of universal standards. I would love a world where children can grow up without feeling a need to conform to preset standards of beauty. A world where they can (as individuals or groups) define their own beauty and embrace the beauty of people who look different from them. A world where beauty evolves and is indeed allowed to evolve."

- Oziomachukwu Emelife.

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