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When developing our lipsticks we have listened to what women want and concentrated on three main things:

1-Skin-type match

So few cosmetic companies really think about different skin pigments when it comes to choosing their color ranges. For us, it’s at the heart of what we do. Take a look at out skin-type match page and find a lipstick that’s exactly right for you.

2- Long-lasting Colour

The Zamoux lipstick formulation has been designed to deliver beautiful colours that really last. Applied in the morning our colours can last you all day with hardly a need for a ‘top-up’.

3- Matte yet Moisturising

Zamoux lipsticks do something a little different. Usually if you want moisture you need a gloss finish. Now, with Zamoux you can get a wonderfully smooth and lush texture with a matte finish.

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